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Our Story

How Metropolitan Dog Spa Began

I first conceived of opening a grooming shop after my first longer-haired dog. As a grooming client of other shops, a few things always puzzled me. Why was my dog’s salon experience so different from my own? Why should it take 4-5 hours for a grooming that leaves them smelling of perfume or artificial berries? The answer: it saves money. Cage drying takes longer, but has no labor costs, while artificial chemically based shampoos are half the price of essential oil organic shampoos.

Priorities Over Profits

In 2008, I decided to open the type of grooming shop that a dog owner would appreciate. A shop with healthy, high quality hair cuts at equal or lesser cost of the big retail stores. I am thrilled to offer this intimate, environmentally friendly grooming shop to the Orlando community as an alternative to the big retail assembly line grooming experience.

At Metropolitan Dog Spa, you can rest assured your pup will experience the ultimate treatment, including organic ingredients, chlorine-free showers, hand drying instead of cage drying, personalized grooming styles and much more. Click to explore all that Metropolitan Dog Spa has to offer.

Our Community Resources

Learn more about the organizations we support, and check back often for new updates and partnerships. These links will be activated in the coming months PLEASE check back!

• Adoption and Local Dog Organizations
• Emergency Veterinarians
• Veterinarians in Central Florida